Old Places in Ontario, Canada
(Washago 1957-1959 and Elliot Lake 1959-1963)
Revisited 2006

Washago, Ontario
(20 km north of Orillia, Ontario)

Severn River in Washago
The road where we lived (Hepinstall Landing) is on the left side of the river.

Washago - where our house once stood
(View from south to north)
The name of the road is "Hepinstall Landing"
Our house was on the left side of the road,
Up the hill on the left side is Washago's main street: "Muskoka Street"
The Severn River is on the right side.

Same road ("Hepinstall Landing") from the other side
(View from north to south)
Our house was on the right side farther up the road.

 The "Dobson House" up the hill
(View from "our place" up to Muskoka Street)

Washago Public School where I attended first and second grade 1957-1959
I took this photo April 1975, a few weeks before the building was torn down.

St. Francis of Assisi Roman Catholic Church in Washago

Gravenhurst (20 km north of Washago)

Orillia, Ontario

The Orillia Opera House
Orillia's most famous son, Gordon Lightfoot,
performed here many times.

You are listening to
"Is There Anyone Home"
Written and performed by
Canada's number one singer-songwriter
Gordon Lightfoot
From the album
"Sundown" 1974 by Gordon Lightfoot

 Orillia Hospital where Patricia was born

Elliot Lake, Ontario
Ferguson Road 36 and 34
August 1959 - September 1963

Corner Axmith Avenue and Ferguson Road

Axmith Avenue

Elliot Lake Lower Plaza
Where Dad's Radio and TV Shop used to be

Elliot Lake Theatre
Where we went to the movies almost every Saturday afternoon

Ontario Avenue in Elliot Lake
This is where Dad once had his
Electrical Installation and Repair Shop
(about 100 m down the avenue).

Elliot Lake Beach

Our Lady of Lourdes Elementary School
Pete, Joe, Sylvia and Bianca attended this school.

In the sixties the left part of the school building was attended by the "English".
And the "French" went to school on the right side.

School Back Yard

Our Lady of Fatima Roman Catholic Church

St. Joseph's Hospital in Elliot Lake where Robert was born 1960.
The Lake (Elliot Lake) can be seen behind the hospital.

Elliot Lake as viewed from the Fire Tower

Mount Dufour in Elliot Lake
This is where Dad, Joe and Pete learned how to ski ,,,

Bobby Hull of the Chicago Blackhawks
My favourite hockey player and favourite hockey team since 1961
(Photo taken 2006 by Peter Schinwald at The Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto)

Visit my  Chicago Blackhawks  page

"Toronto the Good"

All photographs copyright 2006 by Peter Schinwald