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Some of My Favourite Underrated or "Unknown" Movies

The Silent Partner

Canada (Toronto), 1978
Director: Daryl Duke
Elliot Gould
Susannah York
Christopher Plummer
John Candy

Music: Oscar Peterson

"Riveting cat-and-mouse psychological thriller."

"Probably the best film you have never heard of."


USA 2002
Director: Gus Van Sant
Matt Damon
Casey Affleck
Music: Arvo Pärt

Beautiful photography of magnificent desert landscapes, the long takes are spectacular.

Two friends, both named Gerry, go for a walk in the desert (Death Valley).
They walk and walk and after some time they realize that they are lost.
They continue walking, they hardly talk, not much happens, they walk - and then ... !

Many people consider this movie as dull or boring.
But, like many others, I was fascinated, not only because of my
admiration for desert landscapes.

Before I saw the movie I was pleased to read that
the film music was by one of my favourite classical composers: Arvo Pärt.

The Night Visitor
(Der unheimliche Besucher)

USA/Sweden 1971
Director: Laszlo Benedek
Max von Sydow
Liv Ullmann
Trevor Howard
Rupert Davies

A brilliant thriller

The Stepford Wives

USA 1975
Director: Brian Forbes
Katherine Ross
Paula Prentiss
Peter Masterson

The act of losing one's personality while adjusting to conformity
is an important issue in this intelligent horror movie.

The 2004 remake is not as good as the 1975 original.

Man Hunt

USA 1941
Director: Fritz Lang
Walter Pidgeon
Joan Bennett
George Sanders

A great classic thriller with an unforgettable heart-pounding ending.

I don't have this film and I don't know where I can get it.
I saw this movie only once, when I was twelve years old.
The great ending with the little golden arrow still remains a vivid memory.

Well, well. I have finally found the movie!

You can watch it on Youtube:


Two very slow unconventional westerns with a strange and eerie atmosphere:

Ride in the Whirlwind
(Ritt im Wirbelwind)

USA (Utah) 1965
Director: Monte Hellman
Jack Nicholson
Millie Perkins
Harry Dean Stanton

Three cowboys mistaken as bandits are persued in the desert.

"Not just a western but a political and social tale."

The Shooting

USA (Utah) 1967
Director: Monte Hellman
Warren Oates
Millie Perkins
Jack Nicholson
(I don't like Jack in this movie.)

An interesting well crafted film, but painfully slow and disturbing.

Some of My Favourite Popular and Famous Movies


GB 1979
Director: Ridley Scott
Sigourney Weaver
Tom Skerritt
John Hurt
Harry Dean Stanton
Ian Holm

Absolutely one of the very best scifi horror movies.

This also goes for the sequel, Aliens, directed by James Cameron.

Released August 2012:

Director: Ridley Scott
Noomi Rapace
Charlize Theron

Although officially an original movie, this film can also be
considered as a prequel to "Alien"

Released May 2017:

Another Alien prequel (set between Prometheus and Alien)

Alien: Covenant
Director: Ridley Scott

new  >>>   Visit my  Alien Timeline

It will help you if you are confused by the many Alien prequels and sequels.

Blood Simple

USA 1984
Director: Joel Coen
Frances McDormand
Dan Hedaya
Emmet Walsh

Coen's first thriller turns out to be a masterpiece.


USA 1996
Director: Joel Coen
Steve Buscemi
Frances McDormand
William H. Macy
Peter Stormare

Another great thriller and "Coen-Masterpiece"

The Pledge

USA 2001
Director: Sean Penn
Jack Nicholson
Benicio Del Torro
Robin Wright Penn
Sam Shepard

Retired detective Jerry Black (J. Nicholson) has made a promise
he can't break, to catch a killer he can't find.

A masterful thriller based on the book by Friedrich Dürrenmatt.

Touching the Void
(Sturz ins Leere)

USA/GB 2003
Director: Kevin McDonald
Nicholas Aaron
Brendan Mackey

The compelling true story of an injured mountain climber's
desperate and lonely fight for survival.
A breathtaking trip through hell, snow and ice.

Walk the Line

USA 2005
Director: James Mangold
Joaquin Phoenix
Reese Witherspoon

A chronicle of country music legend Johnny Cash's life.

A memorable quote:

Record Company Executive:
"Your fans are gospel folk, Johnny.
 They're Christians, and they don't want to hear you singing to a
bunch of murderers and rapists, trying to cheer them up."
Johnny Cash:  "Then they are not Christians."

Older Specials:


 Total Eclipse of the Sun 1999
  Total eclipse of the sun in Salzburg, August 11, 1999, 12:40 P.M.
Don't miss this amazing and wonderful event.
And don't worry, it's not the end of the world.

W a r n i n g !

I know, everybody is telling you not to look at the sun without an appropriate sun filter.
I have my own special advice for you.

If you want to look at the eclipse with a telescope or with binoculars, don't use any
makeshift sun filters, not even the official eclipse sunglasses that you can buy.
If you don't believe me, then hold such a filter to the lower end
of a telescope that is pointed at the sun.

The filter will start to burn!

Peter Schinwald, July 28, 1999

Well now that the total Eclipse 1999 is over, some of you who were amazed by the
beauty of the majestic event might be longing to see

Future Total Eclipses

Future Total Eclipses of the Sun

The Coldest Spot in the Universe  <>  Der kälteste Punkt des Universums

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