Peter Schinwald's Washago Photos

Washago Ontario Canada

I lived in Washago Ontario from September 1957 till August 1959.

Washago is a small town about 18 km north of Orillia (hometown of Gordon Lightfoot).
Until October 2002 I had no knowledge of any Washago websites, so I decided to
place a few photos that I made when I revisited Canada in the year 1975.

Washago Public School where I attended first and second grade (1957-1959).
I took this picture April 1975, a few weeks before the building was torn down.







All Photographs Copyright 2002 by Peter Schinwald

Midi Version of

Dueling Banjos


If you want to know more about Washago

visit the  Washago website.

Sorry, but the Washago websites seem to have vanished.

Nowadays the connections seem to be "business only".